Ms. Mackey's Classroom Expectations
As a teacher, I have certain things I expect from my students:
Please Be Polite
Please Be Prompt
Please Be Prepare
Please Be Present
Please Be Positive
Please Participate
As a student, there are certain things you should expect from me, your teacher:
Be Fair
Be Polite
Be Prompt
Be Prepared to Make Your Day!
Be Positive, Which May Help to Choose Your Attitude!!!
Be There to Help You!!!

Classroom Goals: I would like to see each of my students to 'aim high' and achieve at least 80% on their final exams for this school year, however that will be a real challenge if they are not in class.

You simply can't get the help you need to be successful if you are constantly absent.


In the event you are absent, you will have 5 days to turn in assignments or you will receive a grade of zero on the 6th day.

Special Note: If you are more than 45 minutes late, you are counted absent for that class period per Cochrane Collegiate Academy.